OBSIDIAN is a modern line of forged knives made of top-quality German stainless steel (X50CrMoV15) with extraordinary strength and hardness reaching 56 HRC. The full-tang knife cut out of one piece of steel, hardened in a multi-stage heat treatment controlled by a computer, ensures long life of both the blade and the entire knife. The factory quadruple-sharpening system guarantees very high sharpness and long life without resharpening. Specially designed bolster makes it easy to press the knife against the food, so the cutting effect is perfect even with little force. Made of the highest quality ABS plastic, the ergonomic handle provides high user comfort. The elegant emblem of the ZWIEGER brand, incorporated into the handle, complements and confirms the high quality of the OBSIDIAN knives, making them a real treat for connoisseurs.

VESNA features innovative pots made of cast aluminium, which is the most durable material resistant to deformation, temperature changes and long-term use. The inside of the pots is covered with a 3-layer German Greblon C3 non-stick coating with an additional protective coating, while the outside is covered with a heat-resistant silicone varnish, thanks to which the pots retain their original appearance for a very long time. The pots can be used on all types of cookers, and the full induction disc at the bottom increases energy efficiency by about 40%. The pot lid is made of tempered glass, and its rim is made of silicone. As a result, the lid fits perfectly to the vessel and, thanks to the steam hole and a soft touch handle, provides optimal conditions for use. The pot is equipped with an additional spout, thus facilitating straining and pouring out the contents. Thanks to the materials used, the pot is a solid body, similar to a cast-iron vessel but much lighter and thus more convenient to use. All this makes the VESNA pot an All In One type of vessel, which means that in one pot you can fry, like in a frying pan, stew and boil. All products in the VESNA series are dishwasher safe but, due to the durability of the coating and its non-stick properties, it is not recommended.

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