Unique baking forms of unprecedented appearance, inspired by natural stone. Its texture resembles granite. Made of car- bon steel. Inside coated with a non stick coating with a unique appearance imitating stone.

Intended for use in the oven up to + 230 ° C.

The line is complemented by additional products that will work well during the preparation of meals, cooking and baking. The pastry board and the silicone roller pin are easy to keep clean, because food does not adhere to them. The neo- prene glove protects against scalding. It fits both the right and the left hand and also protects the forearm. Easy to keep clean - it can be washed in a dishwasher or washing machine at + 60 ° C. The line also includes a kitchen scale with a surface to be weighed with tempered glass with a touch activating button.

How to participate in the promotion?

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The stickers are given out from February 28th, till May 8th 2019. Collected stickers may be used from February 28th, till May 15th, 2019 or while stocks last.

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